Hello! My name is Arun. I work as a senior architect for a financial software company. My main areas of work today are data science and big data architecture.

I have been programming in various languages for over 14 years. The main languages I use today are R and Python. I have worked extensively on Java in my past jobs. I occasionally write Perl, PHP and shell scripts too. My RDBMS experience has been with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. In the NoSQL and big data world, I have mainly worked with MongoDB and Solr. In the big data analytics world, I work with Google BigQuery now and have used Hadoop, Pig, Hive and Spark in the past. I have also dabbled with Redis, Riak, CouchDB and Elasticsearch.

I enjoy writing good, clean and efficient software, and especially love open source projects. I also love to write (rather, type) and teach, so started this blog as a hobby/labor of love.

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