HeidiSQL: The Best MySQL GUI Client?

We use MySQL at work. I am disappointed when I see even experienced developers using MySQL command line client or even MySQL workbench to run their queries. There is a nice GUI client, HeidiSQL, which is completely free and provides auto-complete features. The moment you alias a table name in HeidiSQL, it helps you write your queries much faster. Just like the Eclipse IDE, HeidiSQL uses Ctrl+Space for auto-suggest. You can have it auto-suggest column names, or even table and database names. It helps me save several minutes every day in writing SQL queries.

Here is an example, where I pressed Ctrl+Space after the table alias lo for the table list_options:

HeidiSQL Auto Suggest

If you are also a purist like me when writing SQL and want to upper-case all the keywords in your query to make them look pleasing, just highlight your query and press Ctrl+F8. (I have always preferred lower-case for database, table and column names and upper-case for SQL keywords.)

There is also another GUI client, SQLYog, which automatically upper-cases SQL keywords in your query as you type. But if you need its auto-complete feature, you need to pay for it. For me, the upper-casing is not as much of importance as auto-suggest.

From among the few different MySQL clients I have tried, HeidiSQL has been the one that has worked the best for me!

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One thought on “HeidiSQL: The Best MySQL GUI Client?

  1. I prefer to use Valentina Studio: http://www.valentina-db.com/en/valentina-studio-overview You can check its introduction video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wAd1IrwKAsIt works not only with MySQL, but with PostgreSQL servers and SQLite also. It can work with MS SQL servers. I am able to use it on my Mac also btw. I have used long time free version of Valentina Studio, but when they have started to grow Pro features I have purchased my Pro. Some features are killers.

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