Installing numpy on windows

Installing numpy on a windows machine is not straight forward. For me, it required combining a few different answers on stackoverflow. Here are the steps:

1. Open the unofficial Windows numpy page in a new tab.

2. Download the correct version of .whl file based on your Python version number and whether you have 32 or 64 bit Python. For example, if you are using 64-bit Python 2.7.10, download the file named numpy‑1.9.3+vanilla‑cp27‑none‑win_amd64.whl. (cp27 stands for Python 2.7 and amd64 means 64 bit.) Note that it doesn’t matter whether your OS is 32 or 64 bit, all that matters is the python version. (To figure out which one your Python is, just open up python interpreter in a terminal and it prints that info when it starts.)

3. Open windows terminal as administrator and then change to the directory where you downloaded the .whl file using the command cd.

4. Then install it with pip. For the above file example, the command is

If this throws a Fatal error in launcher, then install it with

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